Raising Awareness of the Hidden Curriculum in Medical Education

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The Practical C-L Psychiatrist

I want to highlight a page from a Gold Humanism in Medicine web page, Physician empathy and perspective taking protect against burnout – Humanizing Medicine. Although the title emphasizes the role of empathy in protecting against burnout, the tenor of the articles speak to a pervasive force in the culture of medical education in which all doctors are involved, though about which many are probably unaware–the hidden curriculum.

In the essay a physician recounts his own medical school experience of the hidden curriculum, and how the culture of medical education fails to reinvent itself.

The last article in the list about the hidden curriculum sends a particularly powerful message and a call to action by senior physicians, medical students, residents, and anyone else charged with guiding the next generation of doctors.

Often, medical students and residents are exposed to the old “see one, do one, teach one” rule governing how…

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