A Beautiful Rendition of “María Landó” in my living room!

beautiful performance

Global Health Reflections

On October 1, 2013, my friend Eva Villavicencio performed Maria Landó with Internationally acclaimed percussionist Juan Medrano at my home.  It was so incredibly special.  Here you can watch the video and read the english translation of this beautiful song.

María Landó (with English Translation)

La madrugada estalla como una estátua
Dawn breaks shattering like a statue
Como estátua de alas que se dispersan por la ciudad
Like a statue of wings that scatter throughout the city
Y el mediodía cánta campana de agua
And noon sings like a bell made of water
Campana de agua de oro que nos prohibe la sóledad
A bell made of golden water that keeps us from loneliness
Y la noche levanta su copa larga
And the night lifts its tall goblet
Alza su larga copa larga, luna temprana por sobre el mar
Lifts  its tall, tall goblet, early moon over the sea
Pero para…

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